Solo in Cleveland / NEW WEB SITE

Hey Scouts,

Listen up, we now have a new revamped web site.

For all you cubical dwellers out there, you already know that

we here at CP Inc. are dedicated to bringing our customers

the best in high quality time wasting web pages.

This site would not have been possible without Henning

Ejnefjäll who is retiring the from the CP dot com business.

For the many of you who grew accustomed to clicking right on

in to this unsavoury blend to find dates, venues and the usual

Mischief, hey, hoist one for Henning who took this

web site out for a joy ride some ten years ago and has been

behind the wheel ever since. Through thick and thinner,

through no less than hundreds upon hundreds of "hits" and too

many pages too count, Henning kept the site up and running

(without interruption we might add) he's now turned the reins

over to our new web-master, Dan Prothero.

Henning, I salute you my brother. You're always welcome on

the bandstand. [Folks, not only is Henning a motherfucker

when it comes to writing code (whatever that is), in Swedish

no less (!) he's also been known to sit in on guitar with the

band from time to time.] In fact, if you dig hard enough,

you'll find a copy of the roots record Henning made for EMI

Sweden some years back. Be it Hamburg, Germany or Edinburgh,

Scotland or wherever Ryan Air flies for eight Euro's round

trip. Henning, give Dan Kennedy the word, and he'll book the flight.

Also, thanks to Maartin out of Amsterdam who hosted this

thing gratis all these years.



Here's the new site:

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* WEBLAND: New web site:

* GIGSVILLE: solo in Cleveland...

Pittsburgh, bay area full band dates.... European dates with

Giant Sand coming soon!

* LINKSVILLE: Alejandro's "Real Animal" tops critics polls/

Austin not much of a music town



GIGSVILLE USA: Solo in Cleveland and beyond


Thursday, January 15 2009

(Solo acoustic show)

Beachland Ballroom & Tavern

Cleveland, OH

Friday, January 16 2009

(Solo acoustic show)

Club Cafe

Pittsburgh PA

Saturday, January 17 2009

Solo Acoustic show


Columbus OH

Thursday, January 29 2009

(With the Mission Express)

The Crepe Place

Santa Cruz CA

Friday, January 30 2009

(With the Mission Express)

Red Devil Lounge

San Francisco CA

Saturday, January 31 2009

(With the Mission Express)

The Palms

Winters CA

Saturday, May 16 2009

(With the Mission Express)

Tropical Heatwave

Ybor City FL

As usual, all Dates are "Guaranteed Fresh", although subject

to change at any time. We encourage you to check in with the

venue for up to date info on times/support acts etc.


LINKSVILLE: Alejandro's Real Animal tops the critics poll in Austin


Well, don't get too excited. You know what they say, Austin's

not much of a music town. Oh, really? If you're still not

convinced click here:

((((in full color sound))))

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