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* GIGSVILLE: Lee Hazlewood Tribute this Sunday

* MERCHVILLE: Waylon trib back in stock

* BLOGSVILLE: "Randy Newman at the Symphony"


GIGSVILLE USA: Lee Hazlewood Tribute

This Sunday November 2nd at the Make-Out Room 8:00 PM, $7


Tom Heyman and co. are the backing band for this cavalcade of starz singing a Lee song (or two).

Stephie and I are each doing a song or two along with: Marc Dantona (Pillars of Silence), Kelley Stoltz, Meghan Edwards (Pillars of Silence), James Finch (Jackpot, Prairie dog, Two Sheds), Justin Frahm (This Union Standard, Harbours), Warren Hugel (Citay, Tussle), Charlie Knote, Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Josh Polluck (Citay), Meryl Press, Chris Sipe (The Herms), Sean Smith (Solo, Citay),Brian Sullivan (This Union Standard) and more...

Lee was a kinky dude. The Jim Thompson of rock and roll if there ever was one. When he passed away last year he left behind a mess of great songs.

When Dan Stuart and I met Lee, by chance, in a Scottsdale AZ. studio years ago, we asked him what if any new music he was into. Lee, who was genuinely surprised we knew who he was, started raving about Bobby McFerrin's, "Don't Worry Be Happy" which was a big hit at the time. Lee knew what time it was. Lee was a kinky dude.



BLOGSVILLE: "Randy Newman at the Symphony"



Kelley Stoltz and I were off to see Randy Newman at the Symphony Hall.

I picked Kelley up on the way; when he climbed in the car with a stack of Randy Newman records, a Sharpie and a camera, I was like, "Kelley, what are you DOING with that stuff?

The rest of the story: http://chuckprophet.info/blog/randy_newman_at_the_symphony/


WAYLON TRIB "Dreaming Waylon's Dreams" CD is at THE CONNEXTION http://www.theconnextion.com/index.cfm?ArtistID=174&NoFrame=Yes

The bizarre practice of re-makes is not limited to Hollywood behavior. It's a growing sickness we may never completely understand. In order to survive, stories must be retold.


Each CD - with hand-set letterpress art by Bruce Licher (Savage Republic, Scenic) is literally unique. Of a one-time-only pressing of 1000 copies, about 500 copies remain, numbered individually. Each includes photos and a chapbook detailing the recording.



The whole "Dreaming Waylon's Dreams" story here with pics:



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