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* GIGSVILLE: Obama Benefit, open mind kegger http://www.brink.com/content/4369/

* Open Mind Music Kegger THIS SATURDAY 2 PM

* Bring back the Wax Cylinder!!!

* Giant Sand on Tour Now

* MERCHVILLE: Waylon trib back in stock

* Lyle Tuttle: Get a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh


GIGSVILLE USA: Obama Benefit @ the Hemlock this Tuesday, October 14


Featuring: Touched By a Janitor, Virgil Shaw, Chuck Prophet acoustic


My own dear sweet mother said to me, "John McCain? He's too o-o-old!

You don't want him running this country. Trust me, I'm married to a guy that old. You don't want that."

I'll be playing the benefit acoustic. Maybe I can talk Stephie into coming down and singing with me. As for the schedule: Parker says, "First band (Virgil) 9:30...I would say you would be on by 11 pm or so...."

Come to think of it, Mom, you're right. John McCain can't even remember how many houses he has. I mean, I have the same problem, but without the hard-on for the presidency. I'm not looking to run anything, not even the PA. On the other hand, I do want to live long enough to be a cranky, crotchety, old dude myself. But I digress.



Open Mind's Going of Biz Kegger BBQ Whup Ass Shindig Blowout THIS SATURDAY


Open Mind Music throws in the towel. Yes, my friends, once again we must report that due to changing times, rising rents and greedy "super size me" developers, Henry Wimmer's Open Mind Music will be closing its doors once and for all.

Before they toss up a Staples in its place, we're celebrating with a kegger. I'm dragging my PA down, and there'll be a cluster-lunch of bands playing in the shop all day. A BBQ in the backyard! Booze too, I hear. I'll be playing with my band Ray and running the PA.

Won't you be with us when the deal goes down?

The fun starts at 2 PM. Henry's got a deep reserve of vinyl and he'll be pricing it to move. Get there early to score before it's picked over.

Comedian and former host of Vinyl Justice, Barry Sobel will be coming out of retirement to MC the party.

Dig this Sobel clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QVKXEDzXAo

Eric McFadden

The Mike Therieau Band

Penelope Houston and band

Tom Heyman

John Murry

Meri St. Meri (x Housecoat Project)

Ray (Chuck Prophet, Eric Moffat, Paul Revelli, Pete Straus)

Matt Pucci's Boathouse

Phil Crumar

Wait: What are vinyl LP's derived from? Oil. Maybe it's time we bring back the wax cylinder. CD's have gotten too long anyway! http://www.tinfoil.com/cylinder.htm


Giant Sand on Tour Now: http://howegelb.com/on-tour/


Giant Sand, acolytes of desert rock, played around the corner the other night at the Du Nord. And as you might expect, the non sequiturs were spewing out like Prestone from an old rust-bug's eyeball on the desert floor.

Something like that.

A good time. I even got to sit in. Howe and his gang of Danes are in fine form. Click for more Giant Sand live dates coming to a town near you: http://howegelb.com/on-tour/


WAYLON TRIB "Dreaming Waylon's Dreams" CD is at THE CONNEXTION http://www.theconnextion.com/index.cfm?ArtistID=174&NoFrame=Yes

The bizarre practice of re-makes is not limited to Hollywood behavior. It's a growing sickness we may never completely understand. In order to survive, stories must be retold.


Each CD - with hand-set letterpress art by Bruce Licher (Savage Republic, Scenic) is literally unique. Of a one-time-only pressing of 1000 copies, about 500 copies remain, numbered individually. Each includes photos and a chapbook detailing the recording.



The whole "Dreaming Waylon's Dreams" story here with pics:



I doubt the Obama benefit will change anything; I mean, I doubt I could change anyone's mind. Still, I'll be curled up in front of the TV in the fetal position when the big day comes; and I'll still get up on the other side of the bed on election day for good luck, and I'll probably never own a guitar with my name written in the neck.

But I might get a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on my neck someday.


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