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Power of music keeps performer off streets


Chuck Prophet knows he sounds corny when talks about what music has done for him. But he says it anyway.

"(Music) kind of saved me," he said. "So much of who I am is wrapped up in it."

Prophet left Tucson, Ariz., Tuesday morning after a reunion show with his old band, Green on Red, who made records for eight years in the 80s. But while there, catching up with people who used to be part of the music scene, he saw what had happened to them over the past two decades.

So many of his friends looked zombified. Prophet used the phrase "dope fiend" to describe some.

"There's a whole lost generation," he said.

In 1990, he started off his solo singer/songwriter career playing Dylan-esque rock ?n' roll blended with blues and country. Investing himself in his music kept him off the streets.

"It kept me interested in what I was doing enough to have something to focus my energy on," said Prophet. "It helped me when I cleaned up."

Now his music brings him to the Lafayette Brew Company, where he's performing at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday. 

Prophet said the crowd can expect some "juvenile rock ?n' roll, some real tear-jerkers ... some ugly lies and some beautiful truths all wrapped up in a five piece band."

He added, "There's an overall sense of irony to what I do ... as well as some dead on, unflinching, straight up, blood-stained, diary kind of songs."

The show is presented by Friends of Bob. Singer/songwriter Sally Timms is also performing.

Richard Fudge, president of the group, said that Prophet is a show that he's personally excited to bring to Lafayette.

"If I were to list my top five favorite performers, Chuck Prophet would be in there," said Fudge. "It's exciting to bring somebody to town that you feel pretty sure people are going to be dazzled by."

Prophet said he looks forward to live shows because they are never static. And while he says there's more important things in the world than music, music makes him who he is, it connects him to people through his shows or albums, and Prophet recognizes this. His work in music has given him so much over his almost quarter decade career.

"I always found that whatever I put into music, I always got that much more back."

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by Craig Davison on September 8, 2005 COMMENTS • Filed under Artist Profiles