Eddie Hinton Tribute Show

Following the San Francisco screening of "Dangerous Highway", a truly motley group gathered for a drunken afternoon at Annie's Social Club on Folsom to pay tribute to the brilliant Eddie Hinton. Eddie, known for his brilliant songwriting, was not well known for his most important endeavour; turning Dan Penn on to acid. There were raffle tickets. Mark Eitzel, in all his glorious agony, won an Eddie Hinton cd. For a brief moment the wellspring of tears ever-present in his angelic eyes dissipated. There was music. Tom Heyman started off the show with some beautiful balladry and was followed by the sensitive Mike Therieau. I was confused. My soul was saved soon after by Mr. Chuck Prophet. Chuck, in all his sweaty rock and roll glory, stepped on stage with his band, threw on his beat up Telecaster and played, yes PLAYED. It was brilliant. He even remarked on stage that when he first heard Alex Chilton he wanted to make it with him. We were thrilled. We were surprised. It rang so true.

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by John Murry on December 31, 2006 COMMENTS • Filed under Live Reviews