Late-Night Follies: Chuck Prophet's Christian Rock

WHO: Chuck Prophet

WHAT: "Doubter Out of Jesus (All Over You)" (The Late Show With David Letterman)

WHY: Another 2007 album unceremoniously and undeservedly ignored by both normal people and - surprisingly - many critics was Chuck Prophet's wide screen roots-rock epic Soap and Water. The record found the journeyman songwriter expanding his sonic palette, slyly adding a children's choir to songs about casual sex and employing machine-made beats. On the album, this song is an ominous oddity full of chiming bells, chintzy drum blurts and Prophet's cryptic and wary words about a certain female who holds a god-like power over him: "You could make a doubter out of Jesus," he repeats, eventually accompanied by the evil-sounding kid choir. On Letterman, the song's creepy strings are replaced with boisterous horns as it's transformed from a writhing warning into a full-fledged rocker. Prophet is a scarily solid old-fashioned songwriter - he's the type of artist the Grammys should love. Unfortunately, Soap and Water was released one week after the Grammy deadline last year. Maybe next time.

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