Greetings from Cybertopia!


All you True Believers. And all you Haters too. Greetings from Cybertopia! Deep in the heart of the heart of Start-up City, USA.

Couple things to announce. We're headed "over there" [] for some dates. One is a "Strings In The Temple" show with the Newcastle Gateshead Symphony. Plus, a few rare duo dates – The Chuck and Stephie Show. Oh boy! We've learned to limit the duo shows for health reasons.

Confirmed dates include The UK, Spain, Italy, and Montenegro. Yes, Montenegro, people! Where a prediction of Nostradamus has come to pass: CP (yours truly) and Dan "Big Daddy" Stuart, on the same bill, playing separately, in Eastern Europa. Who saw that coming?

Granted, that's a hell of a commute for our friends in Pittsburgh. And anyway, I'm sure half of you are saving your lunch money to see the Replacements now that they're back together [again]. That's cool, cause even though it's not Soul Asylum, it justifably qualifies as a pretty big deal.

But wait, we've also got Mission Express full band dates in the Great Northwest and Colorado. As always, the dates are guaranteed fresh and available at CP Inc. where you can always find up to the minute details. You've probably noticed by now we don't put a bunch of distracting links into the newsletter. Oh no. We do this for a couple reasons: 1) because we know you're so smart you can find the details on your own and 2) well, we're kind of lazy. And we don't really understand HTML. Even the most basic stuff (so cherish that link to Yankee Doodle Dandy above).

Anyway, if you can make it, it'd be cool to see you. Come visit us at the merch table. Buy something. And be sure to ask us for free advice. Like how to get into law school. Stuff like that. Talk to Stephanie. She'll tell you. Remember, we're here for you. Like, as we travel the world, people always ask, "Say, Chuck, what are the rents like in SF? I hear it's pretty grim out there." And I'm like, "Yep." Oh, yeah, there's a lot more where that came from.

That's about it. Gotta run. Gotta get busy. Gonna start working out. Stop eating so much butter. Lay off the $13.00 San Francisco sandwiches. Get fit. Maybe even wear a tank top. On stage!

Oh, and one more more thing: new record coming soon. I can tell you this, there are a lot of little stories on this record. And they add up to one big chronicle. And though I had originally considered it as leaning toward the dystopian, now I'm thinking maybe that's not the angle; the future might just save us. But we have to get there first. This new record is a bit of a departure. It delivers a level of the grandiosity absent last time around; Temple was a stripped down affair, as you well recall. Now we've got strings and horns and prog guitars that border on straight up arena rock. Hang in there folks. As John Murry declared after a first listen, "It brings a tear to the eye and blood to the johnson."

Look out Cleveland!




July 18th - Summertyne Americana Festival with the Summertyne Strings at the Sage Gateshead - (European string exclusive show)

July 20th - Portsmouth - duo show sharing songs and stories with Stephie Finch

July 24tt - San Sebastian - Jazzaldia Festival duo show sharing songs and stories with Stephie Finch

July 26th - Kotor, Montenegro - Searock Festival


August 1st - Louisville CO Louisville Street Faire

August 2nd - Denver CO Soiled Dove Temple Beautiful with Strings

August 3rd - Salt Lake City UT Garrick's Concerts

August 6th -Seattle WA Two Union Square

August 6th -Bellingham WA Green Frog Cafe Acoustic Tavern

August 7th -Portland OR White Eagle

August 8th - Bainbridge WA The Treehouse Cafe

August 9th - Seattle WA Slim's Last Chance

August 31st - Nicasio CA Rancho Nicasio BBQ with Tender Mercies

October 3rd - San Francisco CA Make Out Room

October 4th - San Francisco CA Make Out Room

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Fri Aug 01 Louisville Street Faire
Louisville, CO
Sat Aug 02 Temple Beautiful w/Strings
Denver, CO
Sun Aug 03 Garrick’s Concerts
Salt Lake City, UT
Wed Aug 06 Two Union Square
Seattle, WA
Wed Aug 06 Green Frog Cafe Acoustic Tavern
Bellingham, WA


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