Hello trolls, haters, lovers and players,

Now, where were we?

Look, I know I've been talking a lot about life in StartUp City, USA. But guess what? Turns out it's a big world out here. Maybe there's more to life than the invasion of the tech monsters. Whatever you might think, I ain't no technophobe. Certainly not. I mean, I'm typing this into an Apple product and I'm listening to Kelly Willis demos she made on her iPhone at the same time.. . so. . . like. . what is my point? My point is, I'm happy to say that the UK is not throwing kids off their soccer fields with lands rights deeds they printed out on the internet (as far as I know) or having a drought and neither is Spain come to think of it.

And tonight I'm very much looking forward to taking that long-ass shower in Newcastle I've been going on about.

As for the San Francisco horror show rents. Again, not happening everywhere. Kind of makes me wonder. Maybe there's a bigger sickness going on here. The sickness of Big Money: And maybe San Francisco is being dragged into the same trap as trying to live in NYC/London/Paris where only the rich need apply. Maybe Stephie and I - we'll find a love shack out here on the hillbilly highway. Put some money down. Adopt a puppy and never come back.

It could happen. It ain't bloody likely, but still. . .

Last week I learned that our beloved weekly the San Francisco Bay Guardian is folding up it's tent. Sign of the times. blah blah. . . shadow of it's former self. . . blah blah blah... blame the bloggers, blah blah. Journalism keeps taking one punch after another. Maybe it's just me; I think blogs are cool and all but I can't help but think that people do a better job when they're getting paid. I'm pretty sure getting a royalty check changed the way I write. Pretty sure it made me better. I feel for all those who were trying to do some good and make a difference and provide a voice to an alternative San Francisco. For 48 years they cranked out issue after issue, week after week. And they got a lot right in those 40 some odd years. Hats off to all of them. Here's a chat I enjoyed with Emma Silvers a couple weeks ago:

In the end Tech City is a small town, really. I mean small in terms of limited physical space. There's only so much of it. And when you throw that Monopoly Money from VCs and the stock market – which is where all this new money comes from – on top of it, Well then, God help us all. How soon before the Castro is turned into a strip mall? It's already happening. Once you condo-ize a building or an apt. you can buy and sell it like pieces on the Monopoly board. There is no renters rights when it comes to condos. Of course, if you're riding the gravy train, San Francisco's problems are the ones to have. As opposed to Detroit. Or the Gaza strip. Not to mention Spain and Greece with their huge unemployment problem... And on and on.

But hey, I don't want to bum you out. Not my intention here. Just ruminating a bit as is my wont. What I really want to do here is remind you more gigs are coming. So if that's your thing, until they figure out a way to digitize us, we got 'em.

Please check the gigsville listings below. Come on out. We need the money. We're running a family business here, people! Then again, don't do it for us. Do it for yourself. Come out and support your own inner rock and roll animal. You know he's in there somewhere. Let him out why-dn't-ya?

AND: we've got a new video for Ford Econoline: I think you'll dig it. Produced by Darrell FLowers and directed by Eli Adler. It's pretty damned epic. Kinda like " itanic" but without the three-hour lead-in to getting to see Kate Winslet's boobs. Then again, I say that about everything. Here is is, kids. Produced by Darrell Flowers and directed by Eli Also:

Show details:

JUST ADDED: Great American Music Hall- San Francisco - Jan 31 (plus a mess more I'm too lazy to type right now!)

*Jonah Tolchin will be supporting all our overseas dates

*John Murry supports all US dates except Philli with Warren Zanes

TUES OCT 28 COMET CLUB – BERLIN, DE Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

WED OCT 29 JUBEZ – KARLSURHE, DE Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express


FRI OCT 31 AUDITORIO DE DASTERO – ANDOAIN, ES Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

SAT NOV 1 EL SOL – MADRID, ES Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

SUN NOV 2 16 TONELADAS – VALENCIA, ES Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

MON NOV 3 SIDECAR – BARCELONA, ES Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express


THURS NOV 6 SHANK HALL - MILWAUKEE, WI Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

FRI NOV 7 FITZGERALD'S - BERWYN, IL Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express


SUN NOV 9 HORSESHOE TAVERN - TORONTO, ON Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

MON NOV 10 189 PUBLIC HOUSE - EAST AURORA, NY Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

WED NOV 12 TIP TOP DELUXE BAR & GRILL - GRAND RAPIDS, MI Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express


FRI NOV 14 V CLUB - HUNTINGTON, WV Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

SAT NOV 15 CLUB CAFE - PITTSBURGH, PA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

SUN NOV 16 THE HAMILTON - WASHINGTON, DC Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

TUES NOV 18 JOHNNY D'S - SOMERVILLE, MA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

WED NOV 19 NARROWS CENTER FOR THE ARTS - FALL RIVER, MA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

THURS NOV 20 IRON HORSE - NORTHAMPTON, MA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

FRI NOV 21 THE BELL HOUSE - BROOKLYN, NY Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

SAT NOV 22 CLUB HELSINKI - HUDSON, NY Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

SUN NOV 23 WORLD CAFE LIVE - PHILADELPHIA, PA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express


Okay, we’ve got tour dates. New record too.

Okay, we've got tour dates. New record too. And with 40 some odd dates [US shows with support from John "Madman" Murry, people!] without a night off, I'm thinking when this is all over Henry Rollin's should publish my book of poetry.

Yessir, we'll soon be starting yet another tour of the UK. It's been some 20 years since that first Balinese Dancer tour with Stephanie. It seemed to go on forever. I wore a black hoodie. They had to cut it off me when we were done. Keith was our driver. We really didn't know much about him. He was a friend of Captain Scarlett's. Probably his dope dealer. I still don't know. Captain Scarlett was a good dude. In fact, he loaned me a nice combo amp he had access to out of the Siouxsie and Banshees storage locker.

I can't forget getting strip-searched at the French border. [Bass players!] Four in the morning in the holding cell. Stephanie sitting out there shooting the breeze with the cops until they woke up a female officer to escort her into the closet. It was painless in the end but we all agreed it was pretty harrowing looking at those latex gloves sitting on the shelf in there. Nobody put on the gloves or anything. (They didn't need to!). When I emptied my pockets out I had a massive Chicago roll of cash. This was back when there were 27 different currencies. Small bills. All sweaty. A big roll. I guess that's why they kept addressing me - expecting me to have all the answers and do all the talking. Obviously there wasn't any Internet back then or I would've been snapping away and tweeting live for legal advice. I recall the van on that tour having no heat. But then again, they never do.

Okay. . . where were we?

Right, sorry I was getting all nostalgic. Listen up, before we head "over there" we're playing our final Strings in the Temple set at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park on Sunday, Oct. 5th. And before that, it's Friday and Saturday night shows, with special friends as always, at the Make Out Room in San Francisco. The Make Out Room shows start early. Like, we hit the stage at 7 PM. For real. You've been warned. I trust you can google the address because you're reading this. Again, I know you're smart, you're reading this newsletter, right?

You can buy advance tickets here:

Oh, and check out this video for Wish Me Luck directed by Ryan Brown. It's pretty epic. Nutty even. It's a buddy movie. It's kind of like Batman and Robin (I play the part of Robin) but without the dressing up at night and fighting a clown bits. We practiced our karate chops by breaking boards in a field by the interstate. Heroic stuff. I think you'll be well impressed.

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Fri Oct 31 Auditorio de Dastero
Andoain, Spain
Sat Nov 01 El Sol
Madrid, Spain
Sun Nov 02 16 Toneladas
Valencia , Spain
Mon Nov 03 Sidecar
Barcelona, Spain
Thu Nov 06 Shank Hall
Milwaukee, WI


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