On my way to the “Big Shitty”

Coming to you live 30,000 feet above Atlanta, GA. On my way to the "Big Shitty". Yep, Mexico City. Only 2 hours by plane but might as well be the other side of the moon. I'm heading down there to play some shows backed by The Twin Tones. And in full disclosure, I need to get some dental work done. And it's a good chance to do that outside the "money belt". Startup City, USA takes a toll on a man.

Last time I was in Mexico City we were recording ¡Let Freedom Ring! amidst brown-outs, CNN swine flu hysteria, 6.4 earthquakes and shakedowns by the policia. This time ought to be a little more chill. But, don't mistake the laid back vibe down there for anything other than what it is. The place bustles. There's juice in the air down there and it's all you can drink. Really looking forward to playing with the great Twin Tones. [Late notice, I know. But that's how they roll]. So, I think I have an idea of the dates now. (Listed below). Maybe some of you can Uber a private jet or something.

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Show details:

Mexico City with the Twin Tones!

August 21 - Mexico City, DF foro alicia w/Twin Tones, Sonido Gallo Negro, Big Black Pope and The Pardos

August 22 - Mexico-Rock Coahuila, San Juan Sabinas

August 23 - Mexico-Rock Coahuila, Monclova

August 24 -Mexico-Rock Coahuila, Piedras Negras


August 31 Nicasio, CA Rancho Nicasio BBQ w/ Mission Express

October 3 & 4 San Francisco, CA Make Out Room w/Mission Express

Oct. 5 San Francisco, HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL "Strings in the Temple" set


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Sun Aug 31 Rancho Nicasio BBQ
Nicasio, CA
Tue Oct 07 Gebaude 9
Koln, Germany
Wed Oct 08 La Java
Paris, France
Thu Oct 09 The Haunt
Brighton, UK
Fri Oct 10 The Arts Bar
Oxford, UK


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