Great gig. Had a blast. And you were right about the cricket. England were shocking that last day. Keep rockin n see you further on down the road.

Tony Toon
August 31st, 8560

Edinburgh Voodoo rooms

Great gig as expected. Fine review from Rob Adams in the Herald:

August 31st, 1920

Great Gig

Great gig in Sheffield last night. Apols to the photographer who got abuse from some idiot in the front for doing his job. Hope you enjoy the cricket. Thanks for cheering me up.

June 02nd, 2015

The Met Bury

Hey Chuck- great concert last night at what you called "god forsaken" Bury! Really enjoyed the variety of songs so keep touring this angry country and playing your "hits".

Mark Selwyn
May 31st, 2015

Mystery Austrian Public Holiday

If that was Thursday May 14th then it was Ascension Day, a public holiday in many European countries with Catholic populations.

The Guy from the Polish Club
May 18th, 2015

Mystery Austrian Public Holiday

If that was May 14th then it would have been Ascension Day, celebrated as a public holiday in many European countries with large numbers of Catholics.

The Guy from the Polish Club
May 18th, 2015

Southampton JOINERS

I don't know why it says the Cellars in Southampton in the gig list but it's wrong. Chuck will play THE JOINERS, Southampton. That's THE JOINERS.

[ LINK ]

April 25th, 2015

Last E-Mail

Hey Chuck,Your ASSessment of SXSW was spot on.Bummed you couldn't make it to Houston.I had a conversation with someone about when you last played was that??.. PS—Can you repost that email about SXSW??I need to print and frame it

March 24th, 2015

Concert in Holland

Hello Chuck,

When you visit Holland in june please play the new Tivoli theatre in Utrecht. The intimate Cloud Nine Hall is perfect for you.



March 01st, 2015


Well I was wondering when Mr P would be back in Sheffield and low, Greystones 2 mins form my house. Sorry about the hill. Gutted I missed it last time but my prostate was playing up. Check out the Pale Rider - 5 pints and your gone. Looking fwd.

February 27th, 2015

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