I have a few things I want to share with you. First off, you can still pre-order The Land That Time Forgot here:

In other news? We continue to be in a holding pattern. I still pick up the guitar most days and see where my fingers take me. But, as far as really getting out there? Who knows?

In fact, I was talking to James today. And James asked me if there were any songs he needed to brush up on for when we get back out there. And what I think it'll look like when we do. And I thought about it for a second and I said...

[I have this new software that turns conversations into a legal transcript, so check it out...]

CP: Have you ever seen High Plains Drifter?

James: Ah, maybe...

CP: Well, I've been watching a lot of movies these days. So, you've never seen High Plains Drifter?

James: I've seen movies. Go on...

[And I went on.]

CP: Well, Clint Eastwood rides into this mining town. And Clint's character doesn't have a name. He's only known as the Stranger. Now within minutes of riding into town, the Stranger takes on an entire gang of tough guys and gives them a serious beat down. The cowering townspeople watch it from behind curtains and under buildings. The Stranger is clearly a bad ass. About this time, the town learns that a psychotic outlaw has been sprung from jail and is headed their way to seek revenge. They talk the Stranger into acting as protection. The Stranger agrees, but he has his price. He demands complete authority over the town. The Stranger has his own governing style or whatever you want to call it. First, he appoints a dwarf, Mordecai, as Sheriff. (Mordecai is a big name from the Bible, by the way. In a movie, you can never go wrong using a name from the Bible.) Then the Stranger takes the entire hotel for himself. And he manages to climb into bed with both the town bad girl, Callie, and the hotel manager's wife, Sarah. You still there?

James: Kind of. Half listening. But my breakfast is getting cold. Does he take a bath?

CP: Who?

James: The Stranger. Don't they always take a bath and smoke a cigar in the bath, grinning?

CP: Yeah, sure. But this is the important part, the money shot. The Stranger has a big bucket of red paint, and he's meandering down Main Street calmly repainting the town while Mordecai, in his Sheriff's badge, looks on approvingly. Yep, this crazy son of a bitch is PAINTING THE ENTIRE TOWN RED. And with the last bit of paint in the bucket he fashions a sign that reads: HELL.

James: This sounds a lot like the news these days.

CP: I'm getting there, I'm getting there. When the gang of black hats rolls into town, the first thing they see is that sign: HELL. And anyone who's ever seen Clint Eastwood squint is thinking, "Huh, this is going to be good." So, to answer your question, that's it. We'll approach every gig like that. Just like that. Roll into town. Turn it upside down. Take over the nicest hotel and paint the town red. So, bring a change of clothes. It could get messy.

James: Ready when you are. And unlike you, I've actually painted houses. I guess I'll just put this oatmeal in the microwave. What do you think, about 2 minutes at power level 5?


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