Wurlitzer Sickness

Sean Coleman recently acquired a boat load of Wurlitzer Piano's that were once employed as piano's for a community college music class. He intends to re-build them one by one. Kelley Stoltz has one with his name on it already. I somehow resisted placing dibs on one.

Made in Mississippi, these are fussy sons of bitches... You know the sound, from Ray Charles's "What'd I Say" to virtually every Supertramp intro, to the classic hop along Cassidy figure of "Do Right Man"... Stephie and I own a mess of these things... love to hate em, hate to love em. The Wurlitzer is a beast, we got to have em. That SOUND, like a hammer to molasses, is part of your DNA. Much like the musicians that rock them, they are difficult; the reeds break, they go out of tune, they exhale static... but they're worth it. Sean knows what he's in for. I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find is that Sean is a sicko. God bless Sean Coleman.