I Crashed The Fixed Gear

Back in my day... oh, you wouldn't understand. When I was a bike SF bike messenger, fixed gears were nothing more than a rumor. We messengers always took our lunch in Battery Park. In the life, there were messengers who worked bi-coastal. Rocking the higher paying NYC gigs. (Manhattan is flat BTW). Anyway, that was where I first heard of the mythical fixed gear bikes. That particular brand of modern primitivism was strictly for the the big apple, wasn't it?

But like seriously, why dude? How'd the fixed gear craze ever catch on here in our fair city by the bay? Am I missing something?

Fixed gear: The sprocket is attached to the hub without a freewheel mechanism. You can't stop, you can't coast.

I crashed the fixed gear party out on Evans last Sunday to see what I could learn. I was on my way to Travis's. Check it out.