“¡Let Freedom Ring!”

Hot Talk (LYRICS)

Girl stops me on the street and says

"Excuse me sir, I think we've met before"

I said, "I've never met you in my life"

She said, "Yeah, how can you be sure?"

She said, "The night it has a thousand eyes"

I said, "I've heard that too, what does it mean?"

She said, "The night has a thousand eyes

I think it's clear, at least it is to me"


She says, "Sometimes I get so bored

you know I just want to crawl out of my skin"

She said, "What kind of name is Prophet anyway?"

I said, "I don't know what kind of name it is"

I said, "Your laughter's like a drug to me

I only wish it weren't at my expense"

She said, "It ain't costing you a dime"

I said, "I know it's not, that's not what I meant"


She said, "Look up in the sky

there's a billion stars we've yet to even name"

I said, "Oh yeah? Well look over there,

that's an Indian casino built on a sacred burial grave"

I said "testing, testing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

is this thing even on?"

We're gonna see how Wall Street takes the news

when Wall Street finds—New York City's gone


I love the way you look at me

and I love the way you talk to me

and I love the way you look at me

I love the way you talk to me

Hot talk's on the radio

Hot talk's on the beach

Down on the trading floor

From the widow's peak

Hot talk on the market man

Hot talk on the ball

Way up on the fire escape

Crawling down the hall

In the dark room of the Vatican

That's where I got this bruise

Hot talk for me baby

Hot talk for you...

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