Eleanor Rigby

the Mission Express is gearing up for TEMPLE WITH STRINGS. On November 24 – we'll be playing Temple Beautiful in sequence with an eight piece octet.

And folks, this isn't Public Access TV. It's all going down at THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL itself, in the heart of the heart of the city. At one time we were thinking hey, A MUSICAL! Yeah, why not? Well, it turns out musicals take years to make happen. That's why not. You'll need real money - Venture Capital money (and cases of Pepto Bizmo) to pull a musical together (There Will Be Ulcers).

Before you taze me bro, think about it, there's still something to that musical idea. For a heroic lead we've got pre-steroid era greatest center fielder of all time Willie Mays, then gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk and the People's Mayor George Moscone for tragic martyrs/sacrificial lambs. Add in the brutally annoying shrieks of Laffing Sal, impresario & blowhard Bill Graham, Devil Incarnate Jim Jones, San Francisco treat Carol Doda, and Ruler of Yerba Buena and the Seven Spheres Emperor Joshua Norton . . . plus Red Man, legend of the Mission, and a cameo by the ghost of the Albion Bar . . . and even my head starts to spin a little.

Maybe we'll just have to settle for costumes. [Don't hold me to it, I'm sewing with one hand and typing with the other right now]. Either way, it will still be a circus. That's a promise. Wait a minute. How about this? How about a dunking booth? We could put our Supervisor Scott Wiener in there. Mr. "Condo! Condo! Condo!" himself. Is that something you'd be interested in? I don't know. That might require a permit or something....

Whatever. We don't want to over promise. All we know for sure is that the stage will be really crowded and San Francisco will be the star of the show. That and Kelley Stoltz is also on the bill.

I think that's more than enough to get you out on a Sunday night. Also, it's a seated show.

*(Temple producer and Brad Jones informs me that "8-piece octet" is redundant. For us kids who never took school band, that's an 8 piece string section – which Brad says is how they recorded Eleanor Rigby. Got it?)





Coming to you live from a secret location in Burbank.  Took the 101 down here. Couldn't handle one more trip down interstate 5. I know I'm not alone. Says here that Interstate 5 has been awarded one star on Yelp. That's about right.  Hung with The Palace Steps and James DePrato where we cut some tracks with Peter Mulvey for a new Peter record that turned out pretty cool.  Did some hanging with family in lower California and caught some waves with my nephew. Guess I'm officially the weird uncle now. "Hey kid, let's go surfing. I want to be in your life." He was like, "Dude, I don't even know you". The kid humored me and we ended up paddling out at his secret spot.

We're looking forward to our annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass after show party at the Make Out Room in San Francisco.  We'll be there for two nights along with some special friends Oct 4th and 5th. Shows at SEVEN PM SHARP. I trust you can google the address because you're reading this. I know you're smart, we're on each other's radar, aren't we?

Got some solo shows coming up too. Including one at the Palms in Winters, CA with James McMurtry. We've also got a sit down show (with strings) coming up at The Great American Music Hall Nov. 24th that we're starting to get our head around. 

Like I say. Playing is still fun. You get to stop worrying about everything for a while. We're rested up after our last tour which ended with four gigs in Montana. [four gigs in Montana? I didn't know you could do that]. We couldn't help but appreciate this Jason Cohen piece in the Missoula Independent. He gets it all in there. 

Read here:

I know I was going on about my own cooking show in the last newsletter. And if I don't get a serious offer soon, I'm just gonna let it go.  Your loss! Hear me out. How about a episode with cagey veteran tips for life on the road like for example: If you do have to eat before a gig and don't want to risk going into a food coma by the third song in the set, just eat some protein before you go on. Like steak (or prosciutto even). But dig this: you have to do it standing up.  Peter Buck taught me that. And for some real art, we'd throw out any script or outline or whatever. We'd just let the cameras roll. I imagine an Andy Warhol-like black and white episode consisting entirely of long closeups of the each band member's sulking face after Stephie insists we drive three hours out of our way for a Whole Foods. Three hours of just that. I'd watch it. Epic! We could have guests too. Maybe David Hidalgo of Los Lobos. In fact, dig this video where he shows how to warm food with a tissue box and an iron.



Okay folks,

Coming to you live from the back of the Mission Express touring van. James is passing around some pineapple he bought earlier and I'm feeling energized. This might be a good time to start working up a newsletter. Or,, then again, a nap would solve all my problems, until I woke up. Speaking of James. I've been meaning to address this. People are always asking me how I met him. And I always tell them the same thing. What happened was I ordered a shredder off Amazon and about five days later James showed up on a skateboard playing guitar. Damn, that was a great day for CP Inc.

Gigs have been a blast (even when they suck) and even though the band won't let me duck out of sound-checks we've still found time for our new passion: Swimming holes. I kid you not. They're everywhere. [Dig for your guide]. Panther Falls in Virginia was ridiculous.

And we've got some more gigs coming up. For one, we're heading to Austin for a two night stand at Thee Continental Club with Charlie Sexton. And keeping our tradition of playing two nights during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival at the MakeOut Room in San Francisco: Oct. 4,5. Later in Oct., I'll beheading out for some solo shows in the Great Northwest. Maybe with a little luck I'll road test some new songs.

Another thing I want to share is an idea I've been seriously thinking about. Getting my own cooking show. I've been watching a lot of cable and I'm thinking how hard can it be? Here's one concept:  Me in the van eating cantaloupe and prosciutto from the package. And then another is maybe me crying eating a sandwich while getting a tattoo. Or: a band member pouring a jar of salsa into a bag of tortilla chips and shaking it up. [It's like a salad but without all the annoying salad stuff.] What do you think? Those are just ideas for the pilot. It could be so much more.

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