Hi Folks,

It's Chuck here. If you're up for it, I've got one more missive from the back-bench of a Ford Econoline van on the Mass Pike. We've only got a few gigs left on the Night Surfer Tour.

At the moment I'm a little preoccupied with taking apart an over-priced Whole Foods Medjool date so I'm calling in John Murry to pinch hit for me.

Okay, hold on. I'm passing up the laptop right now. . .

And now a man who really does need a dumptruck to unload his head. . .

Have fun!



I fully realize this is not my newsletter, and that my name is John Murry. For the record I'd prefer "Jack". One thing is for sure; for the American leg of The Prophet of Punk Rock Purple Prose and Perfect Attire [also known as the Night Surfer Tour but whatever - Chuck.], I've been lucky enough to ride around in a pretty dope Ford Econoline with people I sincerely love. People who are simply family. And act like every damn day is Thanksgiving and the turkey is gone. I'll miss this.


I know (as I am reminded regularly) that I take over conversations as if they were actually setups for my monologues because I actually believe they are. Feel free to call it a disorder. It won't hurt my feelings. As if causing disorder simply because it's fun is really diagnosable, anyway! Enough (almost) about just me and my beauty and brilliance and (what DAY is it??)....

Oh yeah, it's today. That means we've only got a few more shows left. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Obviously Chuck, The CE-OHHHH YEAH, KIDS, will pass on all the necessary information regarding the where and when of what is rolling like a metal-jacketted breadbox from hell (the last three digits on these Cali plates? 666.) in tonight's installment of "The Partridge Family's Griswold Vacay". Opinions may be like assholes, but I love assholes. As Chuck has oft reminded me, they are necessary orifices and ought be treated with some modicum of dignity. And they look like this: *. [I don't recall every reminding him of anything except maybe the lobby time - Chuck]

Oh and by the way: Boston was awesome. Minus the shadow woman. Long story. I danced with this rad lady (not the shadow figure). And she was a far better dancer. But we got DOWN! All of us. All of y'all, with yer Red Sox tailfeathers! Y'ALL KNOW YER ROCK AND ROLL! Y'ALL SHOOK THAT ACTION! Don't let us down tonight, kids, cuz we fully intend to set fire to everything we see. It's really cold. We are from California. Don't hate. We love you. I LOVE YOU. I'm an A's fan. But screw it: tonight we are The Giants and we are winning this shit with nothing but heart. See you tonight, bitches. Back to Prophet....

PS: Kevin Tiberius White can get a lil mad (understandably) at my attempts to load the van after shows as if it were a game of Tetris. It is not. This has been like a graduate class with The Harvard Fo(FIVE!). It's fun. And trippy as shit. And all I took was Dayquil. Which is weird. Mmmmmm

-Jack Murry


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IN THIS ISSUE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


* MERCHVILLE: Night Surfer is just $5 through midnight tonight, today at Yep Roc Records.


GIGSVILLE: "6 billion people in the world and you want to be among

those who will never seen The Mission Express live?"


Show details:

JUST ADDED: Great American Music Hall San Francisco Jan 31 (plus a mess more I'm still too lazy to type right now!)

*John Murry supports all US dates except Philly w/ Warren Zanes

THURS NOV 20 IRON HORSE - NORTHAMPTON, MA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

FRI NOV 21 THE BELL HOUSE - BROOKLYN, NY Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

SAT NOV 22 CLUB HELSINKI - HUDSON, NY Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

SUN NOV 23 WORLD CAFE LIVE - PHILADELPHIA, PA Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

JUST ADDED: Great American Music Hall San Francisco Jan 31

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