Hey Folks,

BREAKING NEWS: As you've no doubt heard, the 20th annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival will be virtual this year, on October 3. So what does virtual mean? Some kind of Zoom concert?

Not by a longshot!

We're talking a 3-hour movie, with new and familiar faces including me, playing their hearts out on location in cities around the country. There will also be archival footage galore, and interviews, and much, much more celebrating Warren Hellman's gift to the city.

And let me be the first to start a rumor that throughout this extravaganza, WHO WILL POP UP WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT HIM BUT THE WANDERER! The capital letters are because The Wanderer will guessed it...none other than me.

Think a cross between Judy Garland and Anthony Bourdain - back when he was still alive. And you the viewer will know what it feels like to be that farm girl from Kansas who gets swept up in a tornado.

Join me as I encounter all manner of Scarecrows, Tin Men, Wicked and Good Witches in the empty confines of Golden Gate Park. I kid you not.

So just to be clear: Hardly Strictly, the annual free of charge festival that draws 750,000 music lovers from all over creation to San Francisco over three days on six stages is coming to the electronic device of your choosing (including facebook Live) on October 3.

Think of my role as the cab driver who never shuts up. Who knows the architect behind every building, even if he has to make it up.

They say the music is gone. But is it? (Spoiler alert: I. Don't. Think. So.) Plus we will straighten out where the word "Hardly" came from and how it opened the festival up to loud and proud performers such as Buckethead, The Drive By Truckers and oh... about 500 others(!)

Plus – you'll get to see me and Tre Burt perform in an empty meadow.

And we'll show many sides of Warren Hellman. The Man Himself, who had a magic checkbook that cut through bureaucratic red tape like a hot knife through butter.

Visit for news and updates.

ONCE MORE: if you haven't checked in on my Trip In The Country radio show, you're missing out. 2 hours of COVID free jams. Every Friday at 2 PM PST with me your host hand picking records. Today we have special guest Jon Langford from The Mekons talking about some of his favorite records.

IN OTHER MERCH NEWS: Fleet Wood made these handmade LTTF bandannas. Fleet Wood is a cool place in the heart of the Tenderloin that doubles as an art gallery and a boutique. Nico there does the screen printing on-site. The bandannas turned out cool and honestly, any opportunity I can find to promote an independently owned business in the Tenderloin is great for me. And come to think great for the neighborhood. And great for the city too. San Francisco real estate has never been less friendly. So if you can, support this little business.

Here's the direct link where you can purchase the bandana, which is now live:

If you want to buy something in my store like the new record? It helps. We've got a lot of great stuff in our online store if you haven't checked it out lately. Go here:



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