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Autograph a baseball


Okay, we are heading to Austin even though SXSW has been cancelled. We have shows before and after the festival. Including the Luck Reunion Festival in Luck, TX. All the performers appearing at the Luck Reunion festival get Luck Rings. In fact, we were all fitted for rings. So, we want our rings. And as Daniel says, all those tacos and all that BBQ ain't gonna eat itself.

So much to talk about. So little newsletter. This is a good time to tell you that I will be sharing all kind of details in these emails long before I share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Those platforms are for punks (Not the good kind of punks). This newsletter is the real deal. So tell your friends. Or not. You know, if you just want it to be "our thing," that's okay too.

All the reaction and nice words about The Land That Time Forgot and the "Marathon" single/video has been music to my ears. You know me, I read all your e-mails. And re-read the good ones every morning for ten or fifteen minutes just to get my day going.

Would this be the right time to tell you that you can pre-order it now? (LP comes out May 15th on Yep Roc Records Tapes and Health Aids.) You can get free shipping on the CD and LP if you pre-order through Yep Roc directly. The First Edition LP comes on red vinyl, too. Pre-order/listen to "Marathon" here:

And we've got another single coming down the pike. So watch this space.

Beyond that, we've got tour dates. And yes, some UK dates coming down the line too. They love to put butter on their sandwiches over there. And you know what? We're okay with that.

Meanwhile, Austin is a great place to eat a taco. And we're headed to Texas for a mess of shows around SXSW.

What else? Oh yeah. Don't forget to wash your hands. Wash your hands before you go to the bathroom. Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. Pick up a check. Put a check down. Wash your hands. And don't forget to wash your hands. Autograph a baseball. Wash your hands. Close your eyes and touch your ear. Wash your hands. Pop an anti-depressant. Throw another log on the fire escape. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. And if you can, wash somebody else's hands too. Oh, and get an earthquake kit, or pick up a cheeseball at the market on your way home from work in case of a zombie apocalypse. But rule #1: Live your life. And don't forget to take out the trash.

And if you think I'm not serious, here's a piece in the New York Times Stephanie just sent this to me from the other room about how to not touch your face. I once went an entire five minutes without touching my face. How to Stop Touching Your Face:

And here's a great piece by Denise Sullivan about the tribute we all did for Roy Loney the other night. I still can't believe I'll never see him walking down he street again. I really can't. "A remembrance of Roy Loney and his surviving rock'n' roll family" – Denise Sullivan

Got it?

Oh, and did I mention that you can watch/stream "Marathon," and pre-order The Land That Time Forgot:

One more time! TOUR DATES! Over here and over there. Lots of them. Scroll down for more on that.

I may not touch my face all day. I'm on a not-touching-my-face roll. Without a mirror handy I sometimes find myself wondering if I still even have a face. But Stephanie knows best, so I'll take that chance.



PS: Oh and you heard it here first. I can barely say it, but there's a CP biography coming. A kind of CP owners manual by Stevie Simkin going right back to the Green On Red days. Chuck went here. Chuck went there. Chuck stood on the corner. Looked left. Looked right. Fun and seriousness aside, it's an incredibly well researched tour de force of a book and Stevie has put much love and care into it. And my haters should know that it's not all flattering either. I believe Stevie is over in Winchester putting the finishing touches on it now, taking out semi-colons and capitalizing the names of towns like Sheffield. And all kinds of other grammatical whatnot.

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