I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Friends, Stephanie and I worked this up on yet another lonely Saturday night for Daniel Strickland and the Mission Bowling Club's Rock The Vote campaign the other night. Here it is in all it's Richard and Linda glory for those who missed it. I know Rock The Vote sounds kind of cute and kinda MTV 80s, but it's prescient AF. In fact, dig this my Arizona brethren: You have an opportunity to really do something(!) If Biden were to win in Arizona it would be only the second time a Democratic candidate has managed to pull that off since something like 1952. Oh Arizona, you are a mess of contradictions! But imagine if you really could flip that shit?! From red to blue. Imagine how glorious that would be. It still won't be any cooler than 100° in the Fall on a good day. But, it will send a message. All the way to Washington and beyond. That Arizona is fed up with Trump and his horse manure. Anyway, I'm not sure you need me or Janet Jackson or Samuel L. Jackson or The Sleepy Jackson to tell you something you already know, but that's my spiel. Now get out there and vote.

#ChuckProphet #StephanieFinch #RockTheVote #Richardandlindathompson #Biden2020 #BidenHarris2020


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