UPCOMING DUO SHOWS (Plus one show w/Mx):

July 18th - Tromso, NO - Bukta Festival with the Mission Express

July 20th - Cork, IE - Coughlan's Live

July 21st - Galway, IE - Rosin Dubh Galway Arts Festival

July 22nd - Dublin, IE - Whelans

July 23rd - Kilkenny, IE - Cleeres

July 25th - Kotor, Montenegro - Sea Rock Festival




We're still resting up after our action packed SF City Hall Centennial blowout. "White Punks on Dope" with 100 U.S. mayors eating pheasant under the rotunda behind us. It doesn't get much better than that. With a "Willie Mays Is Up At Bat" chaser. But soon enough we will be refueling the Econoline with just enough gas to get us to the airport.

What's next? Funny you should ask. (I don't see dead people but I do hear imaginary questions.)

A short run of rare Chuck and Stephie acoustic duo shows on the Other Side of the Pond in Ireland and beyond. Plus a full band show in Norway. According to the calendar on my watch in my phone which always goes dead at the wrong moment ("I see dead phones"), these shows are soon enough that I should really be rehearsing right now. (But, priorities. The newsletter first!)

That's right. Stephie and I are embarking on a two person folk rock rampage! There will be no fighting on the dance floor! But there might be some fighting on the stage. So get your tickets now! Or then. Better yet, both.

Meanwhile, I hope some of you were able to make it to SF's City Hall Centennial. I can't remember the last time there was an atmosphere like that in Civic Center. Jello Biafra and my mom, getting the old band back together! It was pretty cool.

We squeezed alot in. Honestly, I was just hoping the show would be half as good as the rehearsals. When after we ran down Laugh Laugh with Sal Valentino, one of the string players tapped her music stand with a pencil and said, "These charts are good," I was thrilled. Because I know those conservatory nerds are judging us measure by measure. So, big thanks to Brad Jones for his beautiful charts and arrangements. So many performers and every one of them brought the ineffable IT. Dawn "The Commissioner" Holliday used the word "magic" more than once after the show to describe it. And honestly, I never get tired of that word.



UPCOMING DUO SHOWS (Plus one show w/The MX):

July 18th - Tromso, NO - Bukta Festival with the Mission Express

July 20th - Cork, IE - Coughlan's Live

July 21st - Galway, IE - Rosin Dubh Galway Arts Festival

July 22nd - Dublin, IE - Whelans

July 23rd - Kilkenny, IE - Cleeres

July 25th - Kotor, Montenegro - Sea Rock Festival

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Show details:



JULY 18 BUKTA FESTIVAL - TROMSO, NO - Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express


JULY 20 CORK, IE - COUGHLAN'S LIVE - Chuck and Stephie duo show

JULY 21 GALWAY, IE - ROISIN DUBH - Chuck and Stephie duo show

JULY 22 DUBLIN, IE - WHELANS - Chuck and Stephie duo show

JULY 23 KILKENNY,IE - CLEEERES - Chuck and Stephie duo show




THURS JUL 30 SUMMER NIGHTS CONCERT SERIES - WINDSOR, CA - Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express


FRI OCT 9 DARYL'S HOUSE - PAWLING, NY -Chuck Prophet solo


SUN OCT 11 CLUB PASSIM - CAMBRIDGE, MA - Chuck Prophet solo

THURS OCT 15 TIN ANGEL - PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106-2802 - Chuck Prophet solo


Chuck Prophet solo

SAT OCT 17 PRIVATE - WASHINGTON, DC - Chuck Prophet solo


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Show Times:

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers plus Guests - 6–6:45

McAllister Stage

Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express plus Guests – 6:45-7:30

Grove Stage

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickets plus Guests – 7:30-8:10

McAllister Stage

Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express – 8-9:15

Grove Stage

Grove Stage is on Grove at Polk – right by Bill Graham Civic

Anything else? I've left out all the piercings, DJ set times, and light show at 9:15.

Folks, If you're in San Francisco on June 19th (and come to think of it, even if you're not), the Mission Express will be the House Band at a big bash for the 100th anniversary of City Hall - a big outdoor show in Civic Center Plaza in front of City Hall starting at 6 PM. For the price of free, people.

I was asked to reach out into the community and put a couple of sets of music together. To tap into San Francisco music history - and I dug deep with a sharp spade, even with my hands when necessary. Some "people" were busy, but others weren't, and there will be a lot of talent on the stage. Maybe even a few ego collisions.

AND...Lavay Smith will be hosting a second jazz & blues stage featuring legends like Jules Broussard, Denise Perrier and Freddie Hughes. We're totally chuffed (sorry, but I'm on the M1 typing this) to be backing original Flamin' Groovie Roy Loney and original Beau Brummels vocalist Sal Valentino, along with many other well-knowns and lesser-knowns you'll be happy to hear. We've got the Kingston Trio with original members. Kelley Stoltz singing Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance?" Amoray will be doing a tribute to underground disco icon Sylvester. Jorge Santana - original member and leader of Malo - will perform Mission District lowrider anthem "Sauvecito."

We've also got Bill Kirchen from Commander Cody with the Red Meats, Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon, Tim Bluhm from The Mother Hips, and Andy Cabic from Vetiver. I'm even starting a rumor that I'll be singing "Willie Mays Is Up At A Bat". There will be a tribute to 415 Records with Translator, Romeo Void and Mark Pistel from Consolidated. We'll re-imagine Journey with a choir and re-imagine the Dead Kennedys with a classical string octet. And yes, Jello is singing "Let's Lynch The Landlord." Penelope is doing the Avengers anthem "American In Me." That's a lot to melt down. I'm not too handy with the bullet points but I hope this gives you some kind of idea.

Oh yeah, also on board as MC is Ben Fong-Torres. There also promises to be a courtyard of carnival chaos with circus performers, magicians, stilters (is that a word?), marching bands, contortionists and much more. After dark, the DJ's will take over. Expect light wand acrobats, a burlesque revue and an over the top light show. Plus all manner of cabaret weirdness. 100 Years of San Francisco music. A lot to sink your gums into.

There are easily 27 different San Franciscos and they all overlap. It's impossible to include everyone's San Francisco but we're gonna reach for it. Also, there are no corporate sponsors. The Hellman family and the Giants are footing the bill. But if any of those drones from the Twitter tower can peel themselves away from their computer screens and want to wander over? Well, it's a free country, right? Hope to see you there.


—————————————————————————————————— CUT ALONG DOTTED LINE


Welcome back.

I know these missives are coming fast and furious. Of moment, we're headed back to the UK or the "Angry Island," now that the election is over. I'm ready.

Stephie couldn't make the first couple weeks of gigs. And now she says she's not ready to fold up the tent. So she flew in for the Spanish dates. And the UK ones too. I guess she needed to put a few more miles on her roller bag. We've got our own loyalty program going here. We like to keep everyone a few points shy of the big reward. We're all happy she's back. And we're stepping up our game, accordingly.

There's a couple things I'm supposed to mention. Our show in Nottingham has been moved to The Maze. Which is a cool room. In a kind of medieval way, I guess. Hopefully they'll have the glassed-in VIP room ready by then. If you want a reservation for the VIP lounge, contact Glenn Sayward. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. Okay, so I made that last thing up. But one thing is for certain: without James and Glenn promoting shows in Nottingham over the years, we wouldn't even be able to find it on a map. Stand-up men. Both of them. And Nottingham is a great gig. As is the entire Angry Island, in a grab-a-pint-and-stand-on-a-sticky-black-floor-listening-to-loud-music kind of way. Every show hits the pavement running. And if they're digging it they let you know. And if not? Prepare to take evasive action.

Last night was our last gig in Spain. I have to be honest, there are nights out on the road when we're sometimes 4, 5, or 6 songs deep into the set and I still haven't made up my mind how I feel about the audience. But that's NEVER the case with Spain. It was a blast. The gigs were fun. And there's nothing like partying until 5:00 AM dipping churros into a Styrofoam cup of chocolate lava to bring it all home.

So, what else is going on? This tour started about three weeks ago. Our mascot Keith was supposed to meet me at the airport. I tweeted at him. Said he'd better be there when I arrive. I'll be expecting a plate of bacon-wrapped scallops when I get there. Or else the tour is off. Empty threats. Who am I fooling? I just work here. Keith is the boss of me. But Metzler from the home office and I managed to make the ferry to the Dutch island, Vlieland. It was a cool festival. I played acoustic. There was a campground involved. It rained. Then Keith and I tooled around Scandinavia. And met up with the band in Germany, headed east into Austria, Prague, Serbia, Croatia, and then Spain by way of the French Riviera.

Back to Keith. What do I really know about this Keith guy? What does it matter? I do know he gets me to the train on time. And he never leaves a bottle of wine from a gig behind. (I know this because they're always rolling around clanging into each other on the floor of the van.) Plus he's savvy enough to pack a piece of fruit and some snacks for train journeys. He takes cool photos. And after all this time, I really do take orders from him. And believe me, he gets bossy. He gets bossy a lot. But what do I know about him? Not much. And how come I'm the guy toting his camera bag around?

How did this happen?

Rock on monsters,


WED MAY 27 THE TUNNELS – BRISTOL, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

THURS MAY 28 THE GARAGE – LONDON, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

FRI MAY 29 THE ART BAR – OXFORD, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

SAT MAY 30 THE MET – BURY, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

SUN MAY 31 THE MAZE – NOTTINGHAM, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

MON JUNE 1 GREYSTONES – SHEFFIELD, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

TUES JUNE 2 BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB – LEEDS, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

WED JUNE 3 VOODOO ROOMS – EDINBURGH, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

THUR JUNE 4 THE CLUNY – NEWCASTLE,UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

FRI JUNE 5 THE JOINERS – SOUTHAMPTON, UK Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

SAT JUNE 6 BITTERZOET - AMSTERDAM,NL - Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express


SAT JUNE 6 BITTERZOET - AMSTERDAM,NL - Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

JUNE 19 - San Francisco (details to come).

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