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Hello folks,

First off, I'm out doing gigs this weekend. With the Casual Coalition. Playing from the book of Dylan and The Band's Basement Tapes. Taking those songs out for a joyride. The Basement Tapes can't be reproduced scientifically. We've freely added and taken away from the recipe. That record has been an inspiration to all of us. Maybe it will inspire you too. As for the Casual Coalition? They're an all-star Bay Area band featuring members of the Mother Hips, Phil Lesh & Friends, and Stu Allen and the Mars Hotel. Lo and behold! (Dates below.)

July 21: Felton Music Hall, Felton, CA

July 22: Hopmonk Sebastopol, CA

July 24: SLO Brew Rock, San Luis Obispo, CA

Meanwhile, in the words of my friend Peter Mulvey, I miss being useful. When I look at the tour dates we have on the calendar, it's enough to make me believe something is really happening.

And it is.

In fact, just the other night in Austin, I was at a restaurant. And my dinner companions and I did some lingering at the table. Serious lingering. One of those nights where we were enjoying such a good time we hardly noticed the staff were counting out their tips and topping off the saltshakers at another table. I thought it kind of odd how they were stacking the chairs on the tables all around us. Eventually I put it together. It might have something to do with the fact that we'd been there three hours.

After that hang, I was ready to do anything. But what? Well, nothing crazy. Yeah, I went ahead and enjoyed a slow stroll through a bookstore. After that, I was down in the pit at the Make Out for a Flying Color reunion show.


So that's it for now. New shows, new merchandise, new experiences. Now I really want to be in front of an audience bad. The internet is kinda fun and all, but I really want to be playing the old-fashioned way: with a table full of drunks talking while I play.

Meanwhile, meet me in a hurry behind the barn! I'm still doing my radio show most Fridays. Stomp your hands and cross your legs for the Trip in the Country show Fridays at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time. LOG ON HERE: And be sure to hit "subscribe."

AND NOW A WORD FROM MANAGEMENT: Four of the five August residency shows at the Twin Oaks presented by KC Turner and HopMonk are SOLD OUT, and the last one (Aug. 29th) is on an extreme low ticket alert status. Snooze and bruise. It's up to you.



P.S.: You asked for it. Now you got it. Brand new Trip in the Country T-shirts. Glamorous. Elegant. Essential. And now only $24.99 in the Gimme Country store. Isn't it time you slipped into something a little more comfortable? Now you can. Brand new Trip in the Country T-shirts at:

P.P.S.: This coming Bandcamp Friday (August 6th) we will be releasing a stellar 20 track live recording of our post Hardly Strictly Bluegrass show at the Make Out Room from Oct. 5, 2019. It was our last show in San Francisco before the big pause button. Bandcamp doesn't take a penny on Bandcamp Friday, so do us a favor and download with extreme prejudice.



My neighbor, Wooly, had some workers in front of his place. He's putting in a flowerbed. And I braved a maskless stop-and-chat with him. He lost his partner a couple years ago. And he's been really isolated. He has a hard time getting up and down stairs. Mobility issues. But he was like, "This old timer still has some things he wants to do."

I feel you, brother. You and me both. I dreamed a Ford Econoline fell from a tree and crushed me, and then I woke up, inside a crushed Ford Econoline. Luckily, when I woke up, I was still dreaming, but it was kind of scary. Fifteen months worth of waking up from dream to dream. These days, I see people in restaurants. Maybe I saw you there. You might see me there, too.

And people are going to gigs!! Couple weeks back I gigged myself, for the first time since way back when. Two shows at The Chapel in their parking lot and an outdoor show down in Big Sur at the Henry Miller Library. Both part of a (((folkYEAH))) Bob Dylan Basement Tapes 80th birthday celebration. Playing out was fun. There, I said it. It was also nerve-racking. I said that, too. But hey, like I told people, I could only lie on the couch listening to records and eating Pad Thai for so long.

Did I mention people in restaurants? I see them when I'm walking around. In my pants. Not my pajamas. Today I feel a little less weirded out by spontaneous encounters. I feel like things may actually return to normal (or something like it). I could do anything. And I just might! Who wants to start a ska band?

Restaurants, people! Why not? We're all vaxed up, right?

Wait... you're not?

Friends, I heart vaccines. Some people are tweaking out. Don't want the shot. Some are ambivalent. A part of them wants the shot but they're not sure. They don't want something that's going to "kick their ass." I don't know if you've ever had your ass kicked. But this isn't that. I can assure you it's not like that. At all.

I get not wanting to go with the crowd, too. But I've been thinking about something Uncle Leo (Leonard Cohen to you) said. And yes, I've had time to dig up interviews from 2016 in The New Yorker. He said, "I have a deep tribal sense. I grew up in a synagogue that my ancestors built. I sat in the third row. My family was decent. They were good people, they were handshake people. So I never had a sense of rebellion."

So sometimes maybe rebellion isn't all it's cracked up to be. Think about it, okay?

Think about getting that shot if you haven't. Talk to someone, maybe? Not Van Morrison. Or Eric Clapton. Listen to their music instead.

As for us, we've got some shows. Touring is nice. People are generally happy to see us. And, I do miss it. The loading in, the loading out. The merch table weirdos. And kicking the songs around with the incomparable Mission Express. I'll be playing a couple more Basement Tapes shows with Casual Coalition. And we've got that residency coming up in Penngrove and there's still some tickets. We rehearsed. Tore through the songbook. And we were equally astonished at how tight we were and also how much we've forgotten. But, we'll get there.

Which reminds me: We've got new Merch. This is the link to our new Midnight Rider shirt.

A word about Midnight Rider T's: I'm pretty thrilled about this. I cannot lie. A Chuck Prophet Midnight Rider T-Shirt, people! Midnight Rider's Mitra Khayyam is the coolest. I bought a Waylon tee from her all those years ago in Austin at one of her pop-up shops. And I treasure it. Her shirts are American Made. Distressed. Vintage. Impossible to replicate. If you're not looking for a CP shirt, and don't mind a little unwanted attention, check out her David Allan Coe "Just Divorced" tee. Coolsville USA!




Hello Sports Fans,

We've got some shows on the books that are ready to stand up and be announced. But first, thanks for signing up for the newsletter. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to mouth off. And speak directly to you instead of throwing myself—rather, hurling myself—at the big wall of the Internet. You know, like that guy in that Warren Zevon song? (That's what happens to people in Warren Zevon songs. They find themselves in extreme situations. And so they hurl themselves against the walls of places like the Museum of Modern Art just to feel something and maybe get a little attention. You would, too, if you were being held hostage with people more famous than you at the Detox Mansion. Or attacked and bitten by a werewolf while you're strolling through Soho in the rain looking for a place to get some Chinese food of all things.)

ANYHOO: It's a tough slope. It's a slippery road. It's all those things.

Meanwhile, I've been walking the streets in my neighborhood and in all my time I've never seen more vacancies. "For Rent" signs everywhere. Vacant storefronts. And empty parking spots too!

Now someone just moved into our building after the apartment sat empty for months. And of course we were completely suspicious. You would be, too. Who the hell moves into a building? Now? At this time?

Until one day we found some cookies placed at our door. Wrapped impressively in origami paper with a cute little ribbon around them. And a nice note.

I was like, "Step away from the cookies, Stephie. I better sample these." They might be laced with strychnine. Do you want to go out like Robert Johnson? So sample them I did. And they were good. So we know our new neighbor is a little bit nice. And judging from all the boxes that pile up on the porch, she has a pretty steady relationship with Amazon. Taking advantage of that Prime membership, I reckon. Nice and smart.

Can it be? Are things returning to something like normal?

It's all about new beginnings now.

Speaking of which, we've got some shows on the books to prove it. A little residency. Five Sundays in a row. The Mission Express is taking over the Twin Oaks Tavern in Penngrove, CA. Up near Sonoma. And I can't wait. It's an outdoor gig. The tavern is over a hundred years old. And as an added bonus: It has a classic neon sign.

For those of you who haven't been to a show in a while, picture this: It's going to be just like a flat-screen TV. If your flat-screen TV was something you could use to interact with other people and crank up loud enough to be heard in the next county. It's hard to explain, but it involves people and guitars and drums and a stage and volume. I mean, you do have to get off your couch and actually go somewhere to do it. And you'll need a ticket. You might even be forced to use a public restroom. Which can be kind of weird, I know. But you got this. Don't worry, it will all come back to you. At least that's what they keep telling me! And I'm more worried about myself to be honest.

What if I jump around and pull a muscle or something?

I'm looking forward. Looking forward to hanging with James and Kevin and Vicente. Doing it all. Doing nothing. Running into people. Hiding from people. I'm looking forward to all of it. The loading-in part, the casing-the-joint part where you're thinking, "Uh, I guess I'll set my amp here. Maybe tilt it back a little. Hmmm, yeah, just so."

Speaking of Warren Zevon. I've got special guest Phil Cody today on Trip in the Country. Phil toured around with Zevon. And once delivered an RV to Hunter S Thompson. Phil is a great artist in his own right and made his own tribute record to Warren. Phil's picked out some Zevon songs out of the Gimme Country library to spin, and we're going to chat. Should be a good one. I would be remiss if I did not remind you about my Trip In The Country show which airs every Friday at 2 PM PST on All that plus 2 hours of hand-picked jams curated by yours truly. It's a cool hang. A shared experience. Like hanging out with your friends listening to records. Log on and roll into the chat site.



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P.P.S.: I will be doing a Q&A with noted writer and reissue coordinator Pat Thomas and 'What Makes The Monkey Dance' author Stevie Simkin May 5th at 1:30pm PST (9:30 BST) for which you can get free tickets here. We'll be digging into the early post-Green On Red years centered around the dive bars of San Francisco, the new album and the book.

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