the other mitchell bros.

Hey Chuck—I don't know but you might be interested in this recent obituary ( As an SF native, I've had my share of Mitchell's Ice Cream, not knowing the business was founded by the brothers. I can't help but think of "The Left Hand and the Right Hand"...

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Sara Rose Corrigan
1 month ago

Bank & Blues Daytona Beach

I learned that night that a great songwriter is a fabulous story teller. Thanks, Chuck P.S. Great Job Andrea and Jeremy on the venue!!!

1 month ago

tour posters

Any idea how to land one of those limited tour posters if you are not in CA.?

dave farrow
2 months ago

signed photo

MASSIVE FAN would love to find out how to get a signed pic of chuck for my wall?...just cranked up homemade blood...ahh through the mission speakers ... bet the neighbours love me!....jonboy

jon murtagh
3 months ago

WFPK Louisville

WFPK (Louisville KY) is a friend of Chuck. Yesterday I was toiling away over my desk at work when I heard Alex Nieto over the stream on my computer. It brought me such joy that I immediately sent in a contribution and told them why. What did they do? They played the song again! Please, encourage your NPR station of choice to play Chuck by making a contribution in his name.

June 28th, 7480

We are only a stones throw away

Whether its you solo, Chuck or with Steph or the Mission Express... hell even the Bibledusters. Get yourselves down to Melbourne Australia. I dont wanna be one of the billions that misses out...

Bruce Pearson
3 months ago

Garland Jeffreys show at Great American

Just another nut chiming in here with a suggestion for the show. Close out with with Garland joining the band for "You Did" and take it into Garland's "Hail Hail Rock n' Roll. I think it would work musically and both have historical references to rock n' roll, roots history even if they aren't telling the same story. Really looking forward to the show.

Jim Fitzpatrick
4 months ago

Limited Geography

Who do I gotta kill to get a San Diego show?

4 months ago

A clip of a cover of Dylan’s Jokerman

5 months ago

Chuck and Garland

Please come to Holland (Europe) and bring Garland! Great double bill.

5 months ago

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  • the other mitchell bros.

    "Hey Chuck—I don't know but you might

  • Bank & Blues Daytona Beach

    "I learned that night that a great songwriter is a

  • tour posters

    "Any idea how to land one of those limited tour

  • signed photo

    "MASSIVE FAN would love to find out how to get a

  • WFPK Louisville

    "WFPK (Louisville KY) is a friend of Chuck.