Please Come To Boston!!

Please don't forget your legion of fans in Boston/New England! The Lizard Lounge awaits! If not that place how about The Center Arts in Natick. Guarantee sell-out! I can out you in touch with the booking person

3 days ago

Dyin’ All Young

Morrisman Smith strips Dyin' All Young down to the bare essentials and lays it out for all to see.

Reno Sepulveda
6 days ago

Americana Festival (Gateshead)

Excellent news! Chuck + strings at the Summertyne Americana Festival in July. Tickets purchased, see you there!


14 days ago

no other love - skidish philly

got me through washing dishes tonight - I;m serious. Love so many of those songs- except I have to stay that I hate the Beach Boys. Seriously great album.

XO, Kristin, the Skidish Philly.

(the husband knows I wrote this and did say "you what you should say" - still laughing

Kristin Tenderstorm
2 months ago

Dan Stuart UK Tour 2014

Dan's back! ...details below:

Tues April 22 - London - Water Rats

Wed April 23 – Brighton - Prince Albert

Thur April 24 – Birmingham - Hare & Hounds

Fri April 25 - Tingewick - Village Hall

Sat April 26 – Winchester - Railway

Sun April 27 - Cardiff - Four Bars at Dempseys

Mon April 28 – Norwich - Arts Centre

April 29 Leicester - The Musician

April 30 – Nottingham - The Maze

Thurs May 1 Glasgow - The Glad Cafe

Fri May 2 – Newcastle - Live Theatre

[ LINK ]

3 months ago

music in portland

We here r waiting for u to come and play ur great music

We r soooooo ready for CP&Band;

3 months ago

Temple With Strings?

Hi Chuck,

How did the recording come out? Think this one will make it out of the vault?


3 months ago

pay attention to the lightning

Thanks Chuck!

telecater ted
4 months ago

Just Like Fire Would

This is a great song (and fantastic title) from the Australian band the Saints.

Recorded by Chuck and Steph (you can hear their version below) back in the 80s, Bruce Springsteen has announced he will include it on his next album.

[ LINK ]

5 months ago

Strings with Temple, Beautiful

Have a great show (musical) tomorrow, everyone. All the best. Someone please remember all of us outside of paradise and consider letting us hear this most momentous (mayhem?) undertaking. "Wish I was (going to) there", but in my heart always.

5 months ago

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White Night, Big City

Just Fucking Do it.

Back to the salt mines.

Mom, Spitting in Her Hand (for Van Christian)

Chuck Prophet’s Top movies of all time + rock and roll. By Brandon Kim


Sat Jun 07 Twangfest
St Louis, MO
Sun Jun 08 Temple Beautiful w/Strings
Chicago, IL
Mon Jun 09 The Ark
Ann Arbor, MI
Wed Jun 11 Sellersville Theatre
Sellersville, PA
Thu Jun 12 Temple Beautiful w/Strings
New York, NY


  • Please Come To Boston!!

    "Please don't forget your legion of fans in

  • Dyin’ All Young

    "Morrisman Smith strips Dyin' All Young down

  • Americana Festival (Gateshead)

    "Excellent news! Chuck + strings at the Summertyne

  • no other love - skidish philly

    "got me through washing dishes tonight - I;m

  • Dan Stuart UK Tour 2014

    "Dan's back! ...details below: Tues April