Oobleck setlist…

...need help with the order & any songs missed:

R&R heart


Truth will out

Just to see you smile

Wish me luck

Guilty as a saint

Freckle song


Sonny Liston

Castro H

Auto Blues

Little boy/girl

Tell me anything


Left hand

Summertime T

Willie Mays

Diff drum

You did

5 hours ago

Tour Merch - Panic in the Temple CD

Anyone got any info on this - Where it was recorded? soundboard?

Only picked it up last night in B'ham (with the new 7") so not listened yet.


12 hours ago

Glasgow, Oran Mor

I've seen Chuck just about every time he's visited the UK over the last 28 years or so and I have to say tonights show was quite possibly the best performance I've witnessed. Chuck was on fire and the band were smokin'hot, even the support act, Jonah Tolchin was top notch. If you can get along to any of the remaining dates on the tour make sure you do because you really don't want to miss this.

2 days ago


Third time seeing Chuck in kilkenny and he just keeps getting better. Monster gig, New songs sounded great and "you did" nearly took the roof off Cleeres! Gig of 2014 for me.

alan t
2 days ago

The Railway and Nightsurfer

Great gig at the Railway on sunday all good but loved the new stuff and Lou Reed cover particularly . I bought Night surfer that night and feel it has even more depth than Temple Beautiful . Loved the Chas and Dave "brothers

Great gig , my first at Railway but 4th seeing CP and MX . I think Night surfer is even better than Temple Beautiful and the new songs along with the Lou Reed cover were highlights .Great banter about the "Chas and Dave" brothers . What a band ! and we need to keep these smaller venues going !and get some in the south West ,cos its a long drive home Lonely Desolation indeed !!!

Rich B
7 days ago

The Tunnels,Bristol.

Yet another sublime gig from Chuck,Steph,and the guys in the band.

I could watch them every day of my life,and die a happy man!

We sang lustily on the choruses on select items such as `Temple Beautiful', & ' Who Put The Bomp',with Chuck checking that we were doing our job!

I haven't had so much fun since pogoing to The Clash in `77 here in Bristol.

The new album at least matches the `Temple Beautiful' album,which I thought would be impossible.

Come back soon to our grey & pleasant land! - please!!

John Denley
7 days ago


Chuck thanks for the Lou Reed tribute at Hardly Strictly. See you in North Hampton


8 days ago

The Haunt, Brighton, Oct 9th

That was one of the best and most joyful gigs I've been to in a very long time. Great songs, great band and a great laugh too. So thank you guys.

[ LINK ]

George Coles
12 days ago

Your show in Cologne 10/07

After the great set you & your team put on monday night in Cologne I was wondering when you do you release a new live album ?

As long you haven't i'll keep visiting your live show. so I hope to see you (again) at Roepaen at the 24th!

Keep playing the good music! And as long as you keep playing Willie Mays I'll keep singing along !

13 days ago

Night Surfer

My review of Chuck's great new LP on Louder Than War...


Steve SWift
26 days ago

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White Night, Big City

Just Fucking Do it.

Back to the salt mines.

Mom, Spitting in Her Hand (for Van Christian)

Chuck Prophet’s Top movies of all time + rock and roll. By Brandon Kim


Tue Oct 21 The Cluny
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Wed Oct 22 The Rescue Rooms
Nottingham, UK
Thu Oct 23 Cafe Den Trap
Kortrijk, Belgium
Fri Oct 24 Roepaen
Ottersum, Netherlands
Sat Oct 25 Let’s Get Lost Festival
Zwolle, Netherlands


  • Oobleck setlist…

    "...need help with the order & any songs

  • Tour Merch - Panic in the Temple CD

    "Anyone got any info on this - Where it was

  • Glasgow, Oran Mor

    "I've seen Chuck just about every time

  • kilkenny

    "Third time seeing Chuck in kilkenny and he just

  • The Railway and Nightsurfer

    "Great gig at the Railway on sunday all good but