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Hey Folks,

BREAKING NEWS: As you have no doubt heard by now, today Yep Roc will be releasing "The Land That Time Forgot" on CD, digital and (yes, oh yes, yes... vinyl too!). To celebrate, we're throwing a frozen burrito in the microwave. No, scratch that! We can do better than that. To celebrate we've got a few on-line events you can join in on.

If you haven't checked in on my Trip In The Country radio show, you're missing out. 2 hours of COVID free jams. Every Friday at 2 PM PST with me your host hand picking records. This week we have special guest Pat Sansone from Wilco talking about some of his favorite records and his stylish new book of Polaroids.

Today at 12 PM PST, Green Apple Books in San Francisco is hosting an on-line event where Me and Stevie Simkin the author of What Makes the Monkey Dance: The Life And Music Of Chuck Prophet And Green On Red will be doing a Q and A on Zoom. Moderated by Daniel Strickland. General admission includes a signed copy of What Makes the Monkey Dance and exclusive access to the Zoom. There's also a Premium package with a signed LP too.

Details here:

And next week, we'll be ripping the lid off the Internet with a Newbury Comics listening party. Join us Monday, August 24 at 9 PM – 10 PM EDT. Get yourself a ringside seat, an all access pass. I'll be live tweeting. In person! On twitter!

Join the Chuck Prophet Twitter Listening Party hosted by Newbury Comics here:

Oh and for those San Francisco people. I'm throwing in the new CD with every to-go order from Standard Deviant Brewing. Yes, so many local businesses could use your support right now. Today I'm supporting Standard Deviant Brewing. Stop by between 3-5pm, spend $15 or more, and get a FREE copy of my new CD. As they say, while supplies last.


As for release date jingle jangle, this record was originally scheduled to come out in May. And then with all the unforeseen nonsense, we had to push it back to August. And rather than sit on our hands, we released new music one song at a time. Pushing it back was kind of a drag but it's been a super drag to have to cancel so many tour dates. What could we do? Who knows, maybe we will look into ways of doing some kind of "virtual performance" in the future. Then again. Maybe we won't! It doesn't mean we don't miss you. Just think of us as having to go in to the army or something. You know, like Elvis! The Mission Express haven't gone this long without playing together in like ever. We've had a couple virtual band meetings on Zoom and well, it's not the same. Although it does give us a chance to tease Stephie about not having visited a salad bar for months. I think we all are getting a little dispirited. But we're still reaching for something. Even if it's just the remote.

Yeah, we want to get out there. It will happen. And just lately, there's been a flicker of hope here and there. Nice to see PBS's Judy Woodruff back in the studio last week. No more hitting "Pause" so we can try to read the book titles behind her head.

If you like this newsletter, forward it to a pal. If you want to buy something in my store like the new record? Better yet. It helps. We've got a lot of great stuff in our online store if you haven't checked it out lately. Go here:



PS: I'll be doing some guest DJ slots on MDR Kultur Radio Germany and BBC Scotland soon so look out for those.



I have a few things I want to share with you. First off, you can still pre-order The Land That Time Forgot here:

In other news? We continue to be in a holding pattern. I still pick up the guitar most days and see where my fingers take me. But, as far as really getting out there? Who knows?

In fact, I was talking to James today. And James asked me if there were any songs he needed to brush up on for when we get back out there. And what I think it'll look like when we do. And I thought about it for a second and I said...

[I have this new software that turns conversations into a legal transcript, so check it out...]

CP: Have you ever seen High Plains Drifter?

James: Ah, maybe...

CP: Well, I've been watching a lot of movies these days. So, you've never seen High Plains Drifter?

James: I've seen movies. Go on...

[And I went on.]

CP: Well, Clint Eastwood rides into this mining town. And Clint's character doesn't have a name. He's only known as the Stranger. Now within minutes of riding into town, the Stranger takes on an entire gang of tough guys and gives them a serious beat down. The cowering townspeople watch it from behind curtains and under buildings. The Stranger is clearly a bad ass. About this time, the town learns that a psychotic outlaw has been sprung from jail and is headed their way to seek revenge. They talk the Stranger into acting as protection. The Stranger agrees, but he has his price. He demands complete authority over the town. The Stranger has his own governing style or whatever you want to call it. First, he appoints a dwarf, Mordecai, as Sheriff. (Mordecai is a big name from the Bible, by the way. In a movie, you can never go wrong using a name from the Bible.) Then the Stranger takes the entire hotel for himself. And he manages to climb into bed with both the town bad girl, Callie, and the hotel manager's wife, Sarah. You still there?

James: Kind of. Half listening. But my breakfast is getting cold. Does he take a bath?

CP: Who?

James: The Stranger. Don't they always take a bath and smoke a cigar in the bath, grinning?

CP: Yeah, sure. But this is the important part, the money shot. The Stranger has a big bucket of red paint, and he's meandering down Main Street calmly repainting the town while Mordecai, in his Sheriff's badge, looks on approvingly. Yep, this crazy son of a bitch is PAINTING THE ENTIRE TOWN RED. And with the last bit of paint in the bucket he fashions a sign that reads: HELL.

James: This sounds a lot like the news these days.

CP: I'm getting there, I'm getting there. When the gang of black hats rolls into town, the first thing they see is that sign: HELL. And anyone who's ever seen Clint Eastwood squint is thinking, "Huh, this is going to be good." So, to answer your question, that's it. We'll approach every gig like that. Just like that. Roll into town. Turn it upside down. Take over the nicest hotel and paint the town red. So, bring a change of clothes. It could get messy.

James: Ready when you are. And unlike you, I've actually painted houses. I guess I'll just put this oatmeal in the microwave. What do you think, about 2 minutes at power level 5?


Meanwhile folks, I've got a radio show. And it's a great hang. It's all interactive. People from all over the globe come and hang out and mouth off in the chat. It's on http://www.GimmeCountry every Friday at 2pm (PST)

Sure it's Country music, but we take it places. Other countries. Places like Italy and Jamaica and Canada too! And the Americas. North America... South America... If ya like 50s and 60s, 70s MXR Phaser country, yodeling cowgirls, honky-tonkers, Georgia swampers, rockabilly cats and kittens, this is the place. And it seems like the more out there it gets, the more people dig it. Plus it's fun turning people on to music. I love radio. And I love interjecting my thoughts about these great records and the people who make them.

Meet me in a hurry behind the barn! And be sure to hit "subscribe" on the GimmeCountry app so you can get a reminder when the show starts.

If you like this newsletter, forward it to a pal. If you want to buy something in my store? Better yet. It helps. Somehow it all comes together, even without a GoFundMe page. We have our ways. In fact, in MY day, when we needed to get some money together, we went door to door and hassled people, made them feel sorry for us, talked them into buying cookies or magazine subscriptions. Sometimes we might throw a car wash or whatever. All this to say that we've got a lot of great stuff in our online store if you haven't checked it out lately.

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Hey folks,

I was just sitting there. Reading a book. And Stephie sat down in front of me and said, "We need to talk." And I was like, "Wha...?"

And she said, "Are you going to be okay?" I felt like taking the Fifth, but that didn't feel right either, taking the Fifth after a simple question from my wife.

I went out for a walk. Then I saw our van parked on the street. And so I walked over, unlocked the door and climbed up in it and sat there. I turned on the radio and leaned back the bucket seat and closed my eyes, and I'm not gonna lie. I cried.

I sat there for a while thinking about everything and nothing like that guy in that song who just wanted a Pepsi. And then someone pulled up alongside and rolled down their window and asked if I was leaving. And I said, "No, I'm on a stakeout, actually." And then the person in the car said, "Are you CRYING?" Okay, I made that last part up. But yeah, I got a laugh out of that. I felt a little better.

I just said that because, well I don't know why I said that to the person in the car, it just came out. But I really did feel like I was on a stakeout, in a way. Like I was keeping an eye on a house of ill repute waiting for a city councilman to slide out, with his head bowed. A city councilman who would be no match for my telephoto lens.

In short I was bored. And honestly, more than a little blue. Like the man said: Too much of nothing. It can cause one man to sleep on nails and others to eat fire.

And if these pandemic blues aren't enough, my Instagram page got pulled down, and right when I was starting to enjoy my Instagram page. For a number of reasons. Well for one, a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words can be a lot to type. Let alone spell check. These days I don't have any gigs. And you guys know me, I'm used to being busy. Out on the road. On the move! (With the best reason in the world to avoid chores. It works every time. You can't do chores when you're on the road.) I'm used to trucking along and just shaking my head at social media. Now I'm very much home. And to be honest, I've had a rough go of the whole social media thing. And then my damn Instagram page pulled down. It's hard. I feel like a pedophile or something.

Meanwhile, we put back the release date back on the new LP and we keep putting out songs. Here's another new one. Willie and Nilli. A song about your kids, after they grow up and get divorced and move into a residential hotel in the Tenderloin. I know what you're thinking: That will never happen to my kids. Maybe you're right. But they're somebody's kids, and they're having a good time, which sounds pretty good to me just now. Beautiful losers, yeah, for sure. But there's a tenderness thanks to Stephie Finch on the choruses. Sonically it's rain on a conga drum all the way. With an electric e-bow guitar by James DePrato weaving in and out. You can give a listen. It's got a lyric video and everything with imagery courtesy of Jacob Holdt. I think Jacob Holdt's photos really capture a world where there's no way out. And there's nothing left but to make the best of a bad bargain.

You can check the video out here:

And you can check out my brand new Instagram page. HERE:

PS: If you haven't pre-ordered the record, you need to do it now. The Land That Time Forgot. It's got something for everyone. Fast songs, slow songs, songs about broken hearts, blown gaskets, presidents, rejection, appreciating Metallica, pain, and all the sweet stuff that makes life worth living and songs worth singing and shoes worth tapping. Maybe even you singing along. Hey, a guy with the pandemic blues can dream.

"Hey good lookin'-whatcha got cookin'?" Join us for the Trip in the Country show at 2 PM every Friday.

HERE: This Friday we have special guest Charlie Sexton. [Yes, THAT Charlie Sexton?] It's 2PM in California. 5 PM out east. And for the folks on the other side of the pond, it's like 10 PM. Join us. Why not wake your kids up and make them listen. It's a family show. Break out the powdered donuts.




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